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The Boys Budget 1933

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Circa 1933 printing, includes Thomas Henry illustrations. 1st story is Persuading Hanson by Jeffery Havilton. Contains a colour frontis and other black & white plates. Content: Persuading Hanson by Jeffrey Havilton (illust. Savile Lumley)

The Rustlers by C.M.H. (illust. D. C. Eyles)

The League of the Bright Candles by William Bailly (illust. Thomas Somerfield)

Ju Ju by Douglas Williams (illust. C. P. Shilton)

The Slamming of the Door by J.P.M. (illust. Fred Bennett)

The Moving Shadow by Allan Fairhurst (Illust. Reginald Cleaver)

The Two Parrotts by W. R. Henderson (Illust. Thomas Henry)

Talking Feet by S. T. James (Illust. Thomas Somerfield)

Ware Bear! by A. W. Seymour (Illust. Thomas Henry)

Under Water by S. Gordon (Illust. Reginald Cleaver)

Heart v. Head by F. S. Blomfield (Illust. Leonard Potts)

Roy Rippon Proves Himself by John Spring (Illust. Savile Lumley)

The Ancient Feud by Edward Ormerod (Illust. R. H. Brock)

When Ramsay Scored by Colin Milne (Illust. G. R. Day)

Running Hot by W. O. Woods (Illust. John de Walton). Book is edgeworn with a liberal scattering of foxing. Over 500 grams packed.

Blackie & Sons 1933 England.1st Edition.
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