Books and TV Series

Books and TV Series

As we know, many series of books end up on either the movie screen or television (these days, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO). Long before streaming were the days of the television series. If you were hooked you had to tune in either daily or weekly for the next episode. Sure, in the days of tech improvement, you could tape a show (good old VHS) even if it wasn't quite "legal" to do it. However you had to wait for each episode. Maybe that explains the longevity of soap operas, the "waiting to see what happens" is the hook....

We sell several TV related book series including Bony (Boney - Inspector Bonaparte) by Arthur Upfield, Doctor Who, Mission Impossible, Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time, Star Trek and others.

Where a series has been adapted for TV (or the more modern version) the success of the series depends on casting and following the line of the books. Deviations from the storyline, of the book(s), will cause fans to turn away. Think "Rings of Power", an adaptation of some of the works of Tolkien. Our Tolkien fan loves it, Galadriel is her favourite character, but not everyone watching was as open to an elf of colour or some of the dwarven interplays. For her, as long as an elf looks good nothing else matters, fair means beautiful. Dwarves are fun but she's an elf girl.

So, come browse our film and TV tie-in books or search for your favourites by title or author.

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